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Customer research conducted showed us many reasons why your potential clients might never meet you:

  • Being intimidated by gyms and their lack of knowledge
  • Needing to sign (in some cases) lengthy lock in contracts for a gym with no prior knowledge of the gym or its PT’s
  • Not knowing the cost of a personal trainer
  • Not knowing who their personal trainer may be and whether or not they will suit each other

RMT is the glass door to these main concerns, we offer your clients a look into who you are, if you will suit their needs and your track record, all prior to them entering the gym. Through RMT, your client can contact you, follow your page and interact with your posts.

When you have just started, it is imperative to try and hit the ground running, without a track record or proven results it can be difficult to have consistency in ongoing clients.

When having a Profile page on Rate My Trainer, your success is recorded, verified and can be used to promote your past success instantly, you can begin to build and sculpt your own niche style or offering.

This is the straight forward part and something that all business owners, small or large, make use of, proof of satisfaction.

The first place you look when booking a hotel is probably ‘Hotels Combined’ or ‘Trivago’. Why? Because before you spend any money, you want to have some idea of what you are getting in to. The same goes for you as a personal trainer, instead of the ‘hard sell’ that is normally needed, you can let your reviews do the talking.