Justin Windsor

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About Justin Windsor

Justin Windsor, a dynamic professional committed to holistic fitness, serves as a personal trainer at World Gym Brendale. With a solid reputation for excellence, he also coaches the Moreton City Excelsior FQPL1 Women’s senior, U23 and U17 soccer teams. Justin’s 11-year Army tenure fuels his coaching philosophy, emphasizing consistency, discipline and mental fortitude. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, his approach blends practical expertise with academic rigor. Justin’s client-centric approach transcends physical training, fostering mental resilience and personalized programs for diverse goals. His coaching style, marked by empathy and encouragement, creates an empowering environment where clients thrive. Beyond his roles, Justin’s altruism shines through mentoring and community service. Justin Windsor embodies transformation and empowerment, guiding clients towards success one rep at a time.


Certifications & Registrations


Cert III and IV Fitness


ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning