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Rate my Trainer connects people with personal trainers

We help people find trainers that fit them best.

With the many different fitness activities and the vast amount of trainers, it can be hard to find the perfect fit. Rate my Trainer aims to simplify this by allowing people to search the location, categories, rating and much more, to help them make the best decision for themselves. Trainers have been rated by their clients to help you find the top rated personal trainer that you need for your fitness journey. 

We help personal trainers showcase their skills.

It’s hard to stand out on social media when you are trying to promote your business. Rate my Trainer aims to make this easier for you by giving you a profile that allows you to showcase yourself and your services. Your clients can also rate and review you,  which gives you the chance to really stand out from your competitors. Our aim is to make it as affordable as possible to be found.

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