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Rate my trainer is a platform to give people access to find personal trainers and find out important information about them including ratings and feedback from their clients.

We encourage you to go to our ‘How it works’ page and find out how to get started, why you need an account, how to create it and how to create a listing and anything else you need to know there.

Please email us with any questions. We are happy to help and will get in touch promptly.

Profile pages

Profile page features

Once you have created an account and selected the ‘Perfect Fit’ plan you will be able to create your Profile page and showcase your skills. You can find the steps on how to create a Profile page here.

In the future we may include other plans that allow for the creation of multiple profile pages or different profile types. 

Profile pages can be found using advanced search and filtering.

Filters multiple facets including ‘Categories’, ‘Locations and proximity’, ‘Keywords’ and many others. This allows visitors to tune their search to match their needs.

We encourage Profile page owners to be as thorough as possible when building their listings, which builds trust, increases platform visibility, and more.

Profile page owners can provide various details to help other community members make better-informed decisions.

The following details are available to all Profile page owners and explained in more detail below:

    • Name – this is mandatory, you can choose to enter your name or your brand
    • Tagline – this is a 60 character punchline that best describes you or your brand
    • About me – here you can add information about you in more detail. You have 1000 characters available. The field has a counter to ensure you don’t go over the limit.
    • Business address – this will be used in all places where your location is required, like showing on the map, address info and links with directions to find you.
    • Phone number – this is the number on which potential customers can contact you.
    • Contact Email – this is the email on which potential customers can contact you.
    • Website – if you have a personal website, you can enter the url here.
    • Social networks – you can select any social networks that you have and add links to them.
    • Work/availability hours – this shows the times that you are available.
    • Profile pic or Logo – you can add your brand’s logo or your own pic.
    • Social media share image – this is the image that will be shown when someone shares your listing on social media.
    • Cover image – this is a picture shown in the background of your Profile page.
    • Gallery images – any images of you at work.

Trainers with Profile page can be rated by website visitors helping trainers build their reputation by accumulating positive feedback. Reviews include a star rating out of 5 and reviewers can add comments to the review. Trainers are able to respond to reviews.

Reviews will be monitored, can only be submitted by registered users, and trainers cannot review their own listings. Trainers can respond to reviews and submit comments and feedback.

Trainers have their addresses shown for quick reference, as well as shown on a map, providing quick access to directions for users.

The address is also a key field that visitors can use when searching using a proximity filter where they specify a search radius from their current location.

To help people easily reach listing owners and to help get listings found in search engines, NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is critical information to include in a Profile page.

While including a Name (i.e., Listing Title) is a given, listings can contain the following information in an actionable format (ex. click-to-call) where possible to make things even more convenient for users of the platform. All these are visible and available to all visitors, not only to those who have a profile. This ensures listing owners are contactable by anyone, at any time. Info includes:

    • Contact Email (Click to Email)
    • Phone Number – this is not mandatory (Click to Call)
    • Address – this is not mandatory (Click to open in Google maps for directions)
    • Website – this is not mandatory (Click to Browse)
    • Social Networks – these are not mandatory (Click to View)

Link directly to your own website, allowing you to get more exposure and run visitors through your own sales funnel.

Links to your Social Networks can be added to listings, and when a link is added, the name of the network and the corresponding icon are automatically added. You can add links for Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; LinkedIn and YouTube.

If someone chooses to click on one of the Social Networks, that network’s website will open in a new browser tab so that users can stay on the listing.

If you required other social networks for be available, please contact us and will will add them.

Trainers can easily enter their working hours by day to help inform potential clients as to their availability. 

Logos and Cover Images are essential for portraying brands, products, services, etc.

For those that are highly visual, the right Logo and Cover image could be what makes someone ultimately choose your Profile page.

Please be aware image sizes are controlled to ensure site performance. It is important that your images are 2bM or less.

This is the image that will be shown when someone shares your listing on social media, ex. Facebook.

It’s best that you add an image that represents you or your brand. The recommended image size is 1200 x 630 pixels. If you don’t add an image, we will use our own default image.

Please be aware image sizes are controlled to ensure site performance. It is important that your images are 2bM or less.

Image galleries are ideal for communicating your branding, products, services, etc., and for those highly visual, the right images could ultimately make them choose you.

Up to 6 images can be added to an Image Gallery.

Please be aware image sizes are controlled to ensure site performance. It is important that your images are 2bM or less.

Your Profile page can contain information on all below items, which will add details to your profile which can be helpful to potential customers. These are:

  • Fitness categories – these include Endurance; Flexibility; etc. You can select all that apply to you.
  • Speciality areas – these are areas that you may specialise in. You can select all that apply to you.
  • Training options – these include options like At home; Outdoors; Gym etc. You can select based on what you offer.
  • Certifications & Registrations – you can enter all certifications or registrations that you hold as well as the dates when these were completed.
  • Gender – you can chose to specify your gender.
  • Languages – you can pick any languages that you can communicate in. Since we are in Australia, English is assumed so there is no need to specify it.

Profile page appear on our Home page, Search page and other high-traffic pages, giving them greater exposure.

They are sorted based on

  1. Best rated – based on customer ratings
  2. Nearby – depending on the location a customer is searching in
  3. Latest joined 

The platform provides a built in messaging system which allows registered visitors to send messages to and get replies from listing owners. All parties get notified via email when a new message or reply has arrived. When you are logged into the platform you will also see a coloured dot above the bell icon to notify you of any messages or activities that have taken place.

We are always willing to help all of our members and all can get hands-on assistance from our team.

Should you require support, please email us.


Trainer Profiles can be rated by registered users helping trainers build their reputation by accumulating positive feedback.

Reviews will be monitored, can only be submitted by registered users, and trainers cannot review their own listings. Trainers can respond to reviews and submit comments and feedback.

Profile pages are tied to a subscription, so as long as a subscription is active, the Profile page tied to that subscription will be as well.

Yes, of course. Visit the Membership section under your account menu, where you can see the options to manage your account, including cancelling. 

You can re-activate the plan there as well.



Personal trainers and visitors who would like to take advantage of the full functionality of the site need to create an Account. All accounts for Personal Trainers and Visitors are FREE.

Site visitors require an account if they would like to:

  • Post trainer reviews 
  • Post comments on listings
  • Message trainers on the platform
  • Follow trainers and receive their updates via notifications
  • Create collections to bookmark trainers or articles

You can create your account by clicking on ‘Account’ in the menu or by using this direct link.

Note: You don’t need an account if you would just like to browse the website to find a trainer that perfectly fits your needs. Even without an account you will still be able to contact them via phone or email and see all their information.

For detailed information on how to sign up and create your free account please go here. Otherwise follow the steps below:

  1. Selecting ‘Account’ in the menu or by using this direct link.  This will take you to the Sign in/Sign Up page.
  2. Click on Sign up and enter your Name, Email and Password.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  4. A confirmation code will be sent to you to the email you have provided. If you don’t receive it, please check your ‘Spam’ folder as sometimes, although rarely, emails end up there.
  5. Enter the confirmation code in the required field and proceed.
  6. That is all for Visitors.
  7. Personal Trainers will be taken to a page where you can complete your Personal trainer profile.


You can log into your account by clicking on Account’ within the menu area or using this direct link.

Once logged in, you can access all areas of your account by clicking on your profile picture and name  within the menu area.

There you are able to access:

  • Account – this is your account dashboard. The dashboard is your private wall and different from your listing. If you have created a listing this will be shown on your dashboard with options to edit, view or delete. You will also see your newsfeed with the latest messages of feeds from trainers you follow.
  • PT Profile pages – here you will see any profile pages that belong to you. Currently you are able to have only one, however we will add different options in the future to enable to you to create events, sell merchandise, manage bookings, etc.
  • Messages – where you can view any new or existing messages and post replies.
  • Collections – where you can see your collections of other trainers or articles you have saved.
  • Membership – where you can view and manage your current plan
  • Account Security – where you can update your account password and email address.
  • Log out

Once logged in, you can change your password using this link.


Please email us if you want to remove your account from our platform so that we can do so responsibly, with your privacy in mind.

Important question! We welcome you to review our Privacy Policy.