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Once upon a time I was a chubby, insecure, nerd without many friends who turned they’re life around through fitness. I originally got into training to get generally fit with hopes of joining the Australian Defence Force but due to severe cataracts that didn’t happen. I continued training on and off for years looking up to bodybuilders/actors like Arnold Scharzenegger and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, eventually shifting towards a more strength based training styles inspired by powerlifters and strongman.

I’ve since joined Brisbane North Barbell, training for and competing in numerous powerlifting and strongman competitions over the last few years. Increasing my technical knowledge of squats, bench press and deadlifts and what is expected and deemed good from a competition standard. I’m a credited powerlifting referee in two separate federations. I completed my Cert IV in fitness and want to use my Knowledge of lifting to help people achieve results and improve their lifts and lives.

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